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Once a date has been confirmed with a vocational evangelist, the pastor and evangelist should agree to begin praying for the event. The pastor should also lead the church in a concerted effort of prayer for the upcoming event. Many churches have successfully used home/cottage prayer meetings, special prayer services or daily-designated prayer times. Prayer may be the most important element in preparation for an event with a vocational evangelist. The church leader should clearly communicate to the church the calling and ministry of the vocational evangelist. This includes the fact that vocational evangelist does not receive a guaranteed salary each week. Instead, the evangelist is dependent on financial gifts, love offerings and honorariums. The church should take into consideration the financial needs of a vocational evangelist. This includes reimbursement for the expenses incurred in traveling to and from the church and in providing for the expenses incurred while at the church. A nightly love offering plus an honorarium from the church may insure that the church’s financial responsibility to the evangelist is met. Remember that when you give to an evangelist you are providing the basic financial needs for the evangelist and the evangelist’s family as well as making an investment in the evangelist’s ministry. Travel arrangements, expense reimbursement and the taking of love offerings should be discussed with the evangelist as soon as possible after an event is scheduled and confirmed. This allows the vocational evangelist to maintain a budget and also insure that there is no miscommunication. Thank you for your heart for the lost and your desire to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Financial Guidelines



We ask the churches to do (to the best of their ability) what the North American Mission Board suggest churches to do financially for vocational evangelists like Lee Pitts Ministries. We have attached a copy of those NAMB suggestions for your additional information. We simply suggest that the churches:

1. underwrite the travel expenses,meals and lodging.

( round trip mileage from Mobile at $ 0.54.5  per mile, IRS business miles allowance for 2018) or air fare (according to distances involved and if departing from Mobile)

2. give an honorarium in an amount that would reflect the best amount set forth for the special services or program you are planning... be it a revival, crusade, banquet, VBS, etc. that has been budgeted for the event.

3. and receive a freewill love offering during each service using our special offering envelopes by passing the plates and not at the door. We don't have a set amount that we require. We want to be available to churches of all sizes. We are a faith ministry.....trusting God to use His people and His resources to meet our needs as a family and a Christian ministry. We ask you and the other decision makers to pray and ask God what He wants your church to give financially to this ministry. We ask the churches to make a deposit of at least half of the honorarium amount to secure the date(s). We then put together a letter of confirmation and agreement once the honorarium is determined and mail (or email) it to you and ask that a copy be signed by leadership and a financial representative of the church and returned with the deposit. We also will send you promotional photos and publicity materials and suggestions once confirmed by receiving the deposit. If you have additional questions please let us know....we look forward to God using us to help you minister to the whole church in a very unique way and thus seeing souls saved for His honor, His glory, and His Kingdom!

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